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Yara Crop Nutrition

Yara has identified improved agricultural productivity as the key intervention to increase food production in a time of climate change. We offer a concept of knowledge-based application of mineral fertilizers to support efficiency.
crop nutrition

Future output from agriculture needs to keep pace with population growth and growing consumption, and intensified production has to be managed in a sustainable way. The main requirement is to avoid land use change causing further emissions of greenhouse cases. Productivity levels on existing farmland must increase to satisfy demand. The application of mineral fertilizers as crop nutrition is essential to reach required productivity – within the context of sustainable agriculture and green growth.

Yara’s Crop Nutrition Concept combines the application of mineral fertilizer with agronomic knowledge, arguing the virtue of balanced fertilization. Crops need access to sufficient levels of 13 different nutrients in the soil to support healthy growth and high yield levels. The composition and amount of nutrients needed varies according to growing conditions such as geography, soil conditions or weather. The specific nutrient composition and optimal timing for fertilizer application are also crop specific.

The Crop Nutrition Concept represents Yara’s combined agronomical knowledge and experience, used to provide advice to customers and farmers on how to deliver the right amount of the right nutrients at the right time, tailored to the crops’ needs and local growing conditions.

Yara’s knowledge of local growing conditions and nutritional needs in markets throughout the world is unrivalled. Based on our century long experience, global presence and research and development activities we are positioned to provide world class advice, supporting farmers’ optimization of crop nutrition to gain high yields, while reducing nutrient losses and environmental impact.

Alongside precision farming tools and Yara’s Carbon Footprint Guarantee, the Crop Nutrition Concept provides farmers with knowledge-based solutions in support of more climate friendly, and environmentally compatible, high-yielding agriculture.

Read more about the range of nutrients and advice  Yara can provide.

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