Yara and sustainability

Stakeholder Dialogue

Yara has a wide range of stakeholders, and engages in dialogue and cooperation, locally and globally. The engagement relates to challenges relevant to our business, often linked to global issues. We engage directly with our stakeholders or indirectly through industry associations.

Yara considers good relations with its large and varied group of stakeholders a benchmark of success. To build knowledge, develop relations, find solutions and invite to cooperation, we engage with key stakeholders. Additionally, we engage in a number of networks and partnerships, and are a member of industry associations and other relevant organizations and initiatives. Our local operations engage in community initiatives.

Based on our global engagements, we have entered into value chain business partnerships, promoting food security and sustainable agriculture.

Global Agenda
Yara engages extensively in global dialogues related to major global challenges, with a priority given to the interconnection of food security and climate change. Agriculture has often been perceived as part of the problem, but Yara’s view that it can also be part of the solution is becoming increasingly widespread.

Yara promotes resource efficiency, inducing green growth and sustainable agriculture, and we have a particular African engagement.

Industry Issues
Yara is committed to actively change the benchmarks of the fertilizer industry – improving standards and performance. We take an active role in our industry associations and in relations with regional bodies and regulatory authorities. The most prominent industry bodies are the International Fertilizer Association and Fertilizers Europe, of which Yara is a member.

Yara is Europe’s largest industrial consumer of natural gas, and has strengthened its role as a key stakeholder in the processes leading to a more liberalized European gas market. As such, Yara has made valuable contributions to several political initiatives proposed at the European level, leading to increased transparency for the benefit of gas customers, more efficient balancing and better regulation of the European gas market.

Yara has also engaged in an extensive stakeholder dialogue about the development of the EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) for 2014–2020, promoting resource management methods to increase efficiency and sustainability performance. Through Fertilizers Europe, Yara has engaged with the EU on the issue of climate action and renewable energy, related to the Emissions Trading Scheme (ETS). Also, Yara has taken part in discussions concerning regulations for NOx emission limit values, to reduce pollution and improve public health.

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