Yara and sustainability


Yara supports local and global initiatives through different associations and organizations, either directly through bilateral cooperation, or with broader alliances and organizations of which we are a member.

Yara mainly enters sponsorships as a way of engaging in priority areas connected to our business strategy, globally or locally, with an emphasis on food, resources or the environment. We look for cooperation offering mutual benefits, and we aim to transform sponsorships into partnerships, which can in turn become new avenues for the exchange of knowledge. Local initiatives need not be business-related and can be handled locally.

As examples of sponsor-/partnerships, for several years Yara has cooperated with the Oslo-based Bellona Foundation, an environmental NGO,one example being the establishment of the Sahara Forest Project. Through Yara’s VIP membership in Friends of Europe we have engaged in the Brussels-based Development Policy Forum, which is a collaboration of central players aiming to raise awareness and promote debate on development issues and European development policies. Also, Yara is a co-sponsor of the African Green Revolution Forum, and supports the Cool Farming Institute.

Additionally, we engage within the local communities in which Yara operates. Our companies and managers support community initiatives according to local needs, strategies and priorities. As an example, Yara as a corporation as well as Yara employees have supported two Millennium Villages, in Kenya and Malawi respectively.

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