Yara and sustainability

Stakeholders Groups

As a world-leading company, excellent stakeholder relations are of vital importance to Yara. We have identified and categorized our stakeholders into five main groups: Employees, customers, investors, suppliers and influencers, the latter including both authorities and society at large.
Stakeholders groups

Employees: Yara has more than 15,000 employees worldwide and operations in more than 50 countries, representing great diversity and knowledge. Yara strives for a corporate culture of openness and accessibility to senior management, and employees are engaged in corporate matters through a number of channels and surveys.

Customers: Yara has a wide range of customers worldwide, including all those who use our products, as well as distributors and agents. We engage with our customers in various ways in different markets, such as through farmer meetings and satisfaction surveys. Yara spends significant resources on providing concise and useful information material and total solutions tailored to the customers’ needs.

Investors: Yara engages continuously with its owners through investor relations, based on the principles of openness and equal treatment of all shareholders. Yara is a constituent of the FTSE4Good index series.

Suppliers: Yara stays in regular contact with a wide range of suppliers, ranging from global suppliers of raw materials and technology to local service providers. Engaging these corresponds with our commitment to Product Stewardship, and to make sure suppliers and partners comply with the principles defined in our HESQ standards and ethical guidelines.

Influencers: Yara has a global presence, and we are positioned to contribute to the global agenda in issues corresponding to our core business, at the same time contributing to the countries and communities in which we operate. We work with a variety of agencies and organizations, as well as with a number of national authorities and international or regional bodies, to present our products, solutions and knowledge.

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