Yara and sustainability

GRI Index

The GRI index is based on the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines.

The GRI index is based on the Global Reporting Initiative G4 guidelines. The reporting has been done in accordance with the ‘Core’ level. Yara reports on the indicators included in the index. All material aspects are covered by at least one completely covered indicator. 

Deloitte AS has conducted a review, in accordance with international standard ISAE 3000 “Assurance Engagements other than Audits or Reviews of Historical Financial Information” established by the International Auditing and Assurance Standards Board, to provide a limited level of assurance on Yara’s GRI Report 2016. The auditor’s report is presented in the final page of the report. 

This index informs which report and at which page(s) the GRI indicators are covered: 

GRI: Yara’s GRI Report 2016 

AR: Yara Annual Report 2016

Disclosures Report, page number
Strategy and analysis
G4-1 GRI, 3–4
G4-2 GRI, 11–12, AR, 14–26, AR, 40–46
Organizational Profile
G4-3 Yara International ASA
G4-4 GRI, 5, 8
G4-5 GRI, 6
G4-6 GRI, 6–7
G4-7 AR, 55–57
G4-8 GRI, 6–8, AR, 83–88
G4-9 GRI, 6–8, AR, 83–88
G4-10 GRI, 9–10
G4-11 GRI, 10
G4-12 GRI, 8–9
G4-13 GRI, 12
G4-14 GRI, 18
G4-15 GRI, 18
G4-16 GRI, 18
Identified Material Aspects and Boundaries
G4-17 GRI, 15, AR, 74–75
G4-18 GRI, 13
G4-19 GRI, 13–14
G4-20 GRI, 15
G4-21 GRI, 15
G4-22 GRI, 15
G4-23 GRI, 15
Stakeholder Engagement
G4-24 GRI, 17
G4-25 GRI, 17
G4-26 GRI, 17–18
G4-27 GRI, 18
Report Profile
G4-28 GRI, 22
G4-29 GRI, 22
G4-30 GRI, 22
G4-31 GRI, 22
G4-32 This index
G4-33 GRI, 22, 58
G4-34 GRI, 21, AR, 30–37
Ethics and Integrity
G4-56 GRI, 32–33
G4-57 GRI, 32–33
G4-58 GRI, 32–33
Aspect: Economic Performance
G4-DMA GRI, 23–24
G4-EC1 GRI, 36–37
G4-EC2 GRI, 37
G4-EC3 GRI, 37
Aspect Indirect economic impacts
G4-DMA GRI, 23–24
G4-EC8 GRI, 37
Aspect: Materials
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN1 GRI, 38
Aspect: Energy
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN3 GRI, 38
G4-EN5 GRI, 39
Aspect: Water
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN8 GRI, 39
Aspect: Emissions
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN15 GRI, 40
G4-EN16 GRI, 40
G4-EN17 GRI, 40–41
G4-EN18 GRI, 41
G4-EN19 GRI, 42
G4-EN21 GRI, 42
Aspect: Effluents and waste
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN22 GRI, 43
G4-EN23 GRI, 43–44
G4-EN24 GRI, 44
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN29 GRI, 44
Aspect: Supplier environmental assessment
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-EN32 GRI, 44
Aspect: Environmental grievance mechanisms
G4-DMA GRI, 25–27
G4-EN34 GRI, 44
Aspect: Employment
G4-DMA GRI, 28–29
G4-LA1 GRI, 45
G4-LA2 GRI, 45–46
G4-LA3 GRI, 46
Aspect: Occupational health and safety
G4-DMA GRI, 30–31
G4-LA5 GRI, 46
G4-LA6 GRI, 47
G4-LA8 GRI, 48
Aspect: Training and education
G4-DMA GRI, 28–29
G4-LA9 GRI, 48
G4-LA10 GRI, 48
G4-LA11 GRI, 48–49
Aspect: Diversity and equal opportunity
G4-DMA GRI, 28–29
G4-LA12 GRI, 49
Aspect: Equal remuneration for women and men
G4-DMA GRI, 28–29
G4-LA13 GRI, 49
Aspect: Supplier assessment for labor practices
G4-DMA GRI, 28–29, 32–33
G4-LA14 GRI, 50
G4-LA15 GRI, 50
Aspect: Labor practices grievance mechanisms
G4-DMA GRI, 28–29, 32–33
G4-LA16 GRI, 50
Aspect: Investment
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR1 GRI, 51
G4-HR2 GRI, 51
Aspect: Non-discrimination
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR3 GRI, 51
Aspect: Freedom of association and collective bargaining
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR4 GRI, 51–52
Aspect: Child labor
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR5 GRI, 52
Aspect: Forced or compulsory labor
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR6 GRI, 52
Aspect: Security practices
G4-DMA GRI, 30–31
G4-HR7 GRI, 52
Aspect: Assessment
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR9 GRI, 52
Aspect: Supplier human rights assessment
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR10 GRI, 53
G4-HR11 GRI, 53  
Aspect: Human rights grievance mechanism
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-HR12 GRI, 53
Aspect: Local communities
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-SO2 GRI, 54
Aspect: Anti-corruption
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-SO3 GRI, 54
G4-SO4 GRI, 54–55
G4-SO5 GRI, 55
Aspect: Public policy
G4-DMA GRI, 18–19, 32–33
G4-SO6 GRI, 55
Aspect: Anti-competitive behavior
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-SO7 GRI, 55
Aspect: Compliance
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-SO8 GRI, 55
Aspect: Supplier assessment for impacts on society
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-SO9 GRI, 55
G4-SO10 GRI, 56
Aspect: Grievance mechanisms for impacts on society
G4-DMA GRI, 32–33
G4-SO11 GRI, 56
Aspect: Customer health and saftey
G4-DMA GRI, 34–35
G4-PR1 GRI, 57
G4-PR2 GRI, 57
Aspect: Product and service labeling
G4-DMA GRI, 34–35
G4-PR3 GRI, 57
Aspect: Compliance
G4-DMA GRI, 34–35
G4-PR9 GRI, 57
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