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Cash from Knowledge
Coffee is a major cash crop in Vietnam. Within just a few years, the country has risen to the top echelon of world coffee exporters, surpassing Colombia to claim second place behind global leader Brazil. While extensive fertilizer use has yielded results in Vietnam, Yara has advised local growers to lower their application rates because unnecessarily high application is costly for the farmer and has negative impacts on the environment.

Employing its crop knowledge, Yara has recommended using a combination of products to achieve balanced nutrition. The result is improved plants with a reduced fruit-drop rate, more uniform ripening and bigger berries with heavier beans – all of which improve farmers’ profits.

Engaging through its partnership approach, Yara takes part in the WEF Coffee Task Force in collaboration with the Vietnamese government and several other companies in order to have a concerted approach to development of the coffee farming. For the demo trials, Yara provides expertise and fertilizer pro bono. The farmers receiving such assistance pledge to train their neighboring farmers, helping to spread best practice and knowledge.

Growth Corridors - Africa Green Revolution
Yara engages in private-public partnerships in support of an African green revolution. Yara has been involved in three local partnerships: One each in Ghana, Malawi and Tanzania, plus two regional agricultural growth corridors located in Mozambique and Tanzania. The growth corridor in Malawi was terminated in 2010. In 2010, Yara partnered with Syngenta AG to introduce climate-compatible farming as an additional layer to the Tanzanian growth corridor.  Please see Africa Growth Corridors for more information.

GRI Reporting
Please see Yara's Economic Performance Indicators for more information.

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