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Key human rights initiatives 2011

human rights

Ethics Program

The Ethics Program, which Yara rolled out in 2010, was followed up in 2011 by further employee training and participation, as well as integration of the Ethics program into different business processes, such as Employee Induction, Internal Audit and Procurement. In addition, 2011 was spent developing a new training program, as well as a new Ethics Video that will to be rolled out in the middle of 2012 to all employees.

The key principles of Yara's Ethics and Compliance Program are in the Ethics Handbook, which is a deeper elaboration of Yara's Code of Conduct. The Ethics Handbook documents Yara's position on a range of topics, including gifts and entertainment, corruption and human rights. The document has been translated in 13 languages and has been distributed globally. All Yara employees are expected to act and conduct their business according to these principles. Please see the Ethics and Compliance Program for more information. 
Please see the Ethics and Compliance Program for more information.  

Ethics Tools

Yara’s Ethics Program also features an internal Ethics Portal with useful links and further information for all Yara employees, 10 mandatory interactive e-learning videos on a range of ethical topics such as corruption, facilitation payments and ethical supply chain and Yara's Ethics Hotline, available in over 50 languages, which allows them to share their concerns confidentially. In addition, the Ethics Training was rolled out to all employees in 2010 and has been integrated into the new employee induction process in 2011.

Yara Business Partner Code of Conduct

In 2010, Yara updated its Code of Conduct for Yara's business partners, reinforcing its goal to continue to develop relationships with business partners who share our similar corporate values of Trust, Teamwork, Accountability and Ambition. The Yara business partner Code of Conduct has been translated into 10 languages and is referred to in all contracts and purchase orders. During 2011 Yara  commenced  an internal process to make integrity due diligence a part of the company’s procurement process.

GRI Reporting

Please see Yara's Human Rights Performance Indicators for more information.

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