Yara and sustainability

Labor practices management approach 2011

Management Approach

This year, Yara has reported fully on twelve LA points and partially on two points. The Ethics and Compliance Department worked with the HR Department to reevaluate which questions were most material, how best to ask the questions to local business units in order to correctly follow the GRI Guidelines as well as develop the questionnaire in our new Credit360 reporting tool.

Yara supports and follows the UN Global Compact and the OECD Guidelines for Multinational Enterprises. In addition, Yara has its own Ethics Handbook, made for international use.

Goals and Performance

For a full list of our performance, please see our Human Resources management related performance on the GRI Grid


In 2011, Yara HR formalized its main Human Resource Management related processes and documented these in several Directives that are part of the Yara Steering System..

For more information, see our People Development section.

Organizational Responsibility

The Chief Human Resources Officer has organizational responsibility for the LA Reporting.

Training and Awareness

In 2010, the Ethics and Compliance Department rolled out its Ethics Program, including training for all employees, along with ten mandatory, highly interactive, ethics videos on topics including corruption, human rights, ethical supply chain, competition, facilitation payments, conflict of interest and personal conduct. A new Ethics video on the topic Behavior and attitudes will be launched in 2012.

In addition, the Ethics and Compliance Department issued the Ethics Handbook which lays out all policies in regard to responsible business conduct within Yara. This document was translated into 13 languages.

Monitoring and follow-up

Through the Ethics Hotline, along with internal audits and investigations, Yara has procedures related to monitoring and corrective and preventative action, including those related to the supply chain. In 2010, the Ethics and Compliance Department has created a taskforce to increase transparency and reduce risks within the supply chain.
Yara has been awarded FTSE4Good membership for 2011.

Boundary of LA report (Countries, divisions, subsidiaries, leased facilities, joint ventures, suppliers)

Consolidated data within this report covers the reporting year 2011, unless otherwise noted. Readers should take note of the following changes and limitations to the scope and boundaries of the reporting:

• Safety performance data covers all Yara employees and contractors’ employees working for Yara.
• Sick leave covers employees at Yara’s production sites.
• Data on workforce composition is based on individual reports from entities and subsidiaries. This reporting procedure has caused slight deviations between the workforce composition data presented and total workforce figures reported in Yara’s performance management system.
• HR and LA indicator points were not answered for sites with less than five employees. Therefore, the data includes only 40 countries in which we operate.
• Employee data was taken from the HRIS system

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