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Key society initiatives 2011

society initiatives

Visions for Agriculture

Yara has a Board position in the World Economic Forum’s ambitious “New Vision for Agriculture” roadmap. Launched  at the 2011 World Economic Forum in Davos, this new roadmap aims to increase agricultural productivity, reduce greenhouse gas  emissions and decrease the prevalence of rural poverty – all by 20% every decade.

During 2011, a number of additional companies joined the initiative, which now comprises a total of 26 global companies across the entire value chain.

Sponsoring Guidelines

Yara has a defined set of sponsoring guidelines for all levels of the organization. First and foremost, the company supports activities and organization with the common ambition of contributing to solutions for major global challenges related to energy, climate, food and health. In line with this, Yara has developed its Africa Program. Yara also partners with leading NGOs and supports R&D projects that target environmental improvements, such as the TraP project for reduced leaching of nutrients into the Baltic.

In 2011, Yara’s prize for academic achievement in the field of Physics and Chemistry, the Birkeland Prize, was awarded to Dr. Tor Erik Kristensen of the University of Oslo, Norway for his doctoral thesis on polymer-supported chiral organocatalysts.

Please see our sponsorship guidelines for more information. 

Local commitment

Yara is engaged in a number of community initiatives. At the corporate level, Yara is presently supporting a project to develop a Norwegian museum of industrial history. The museum will focus on the early stages of establishing Norsk Hydro’s fertilizer production in Notodden.

Several of Yara’s manufacturing sites are engaged in community programs. These are reported in the plant’s fact sheets found on the Impact reporting web page.

GRI Reporting

Please see Yara's Society Performance Indicators for more information.

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