Yara and sustainability

Society management approach 2011

Management Approach

This year, Yara has reported fully on seven Social points and partially on two points. During 2010–11, Yara developed its Creating Impact approach. Launched internally in mid-2011, it expands on the company’s previous concept of corporate citizenship. Creating Impact conceptualizes and frames how creating value also for society at large adds on to Yara’s competitive advantages, enabling the company to Create Impact.  

Goals and Performance

For a full list of our performance, please see the GRI index.


Yara is a commercial company with the purpose of creating value – for shareholders and customers, as well as for society at large. Value is created by executing the company’s strategy for profitable and sustainable growth. Sustainable value creation in a global industry and competitive world market depends on competitive advantages.

Yara is set to create impact, building on its global position and engagement, and its unique business platform. As a strategic ambition, Creating Impact is closely connected to the company mission, ‘Better yield’. By creating value, Yara is creating impact.

Creating Impact pertains to the company’s entire value chain, from the extraction and use of raw materials, through the production and distribution of its products – including the application of fertilizers by customers where Yara shares its knowledge to improve performance. Additionally, Yara takes an active role in the international arena, aiming to influence the global agenda on key issues such as improving agricultural productivity to achieve food security and reduce global warming. 
For more information see Society and Stakeholders. 

Organizational Responsibility

The Head of Communications has organizational responsibility for this section.

Training and Awareness

In 2010, Yara rolled out its Ethics Program and a standardized training format throughout the organization. Throughout 2011 new employees were introduced to the Ethics Program through the induction program. A new Ethics Awareness Program will be launched in 2012 to mark the 2nd anniversary of the Ethics Program, with the purpose of encouraging managers and employees to speak up and share any questions and concerns they may have.

Monitoring and follow-up

Through the Ethics Hotline, along with internal audits and investigations, Yara has procedures related to monitoring and corrective and preventative action including those related to the supply chain. In 2010, the Ethics and Compliance Department created a taskforce to increase transparency and reduce risk within the supply chain.

Yara has been awarded FTSE4Good membership and 2011.

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