Yara and sustainability

Human rights performance 2012

Yara continues to support the UN Global Compact, UN Declaration of Human Rights, OECD Guidelines for Multinationals, UNICEF and ILO Minimum Age Convention.
human rights performance

In 2010 Yara rolled out its Ethics Program and a standardized training format throughout the organization. Throughout 2011 new employees were introduced to the Ethics Program through the induction program.

In 2012 Yara introduced an Ethics training program called Share it! The purpose of the Share it! training is to engage our employees to identify and reflect on various ethical issues and how to handle them correctly. Our goal is to encourage discussion and reflection, and increase awareness about the ethical tools we have available in our organization. In addition, the Ethics and Compliance Department issued the Ethics Handbook in 2010, which lays out all policies in regard to responsible business conduct within Yara. This document was translated into 13 languages.

For more information, please see Ethics and Compliance.

Please see how we implement the UN Global Compact principles within our organization.

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