Yara and sustainability

Labor practices and decent work 2012

A strong track record places Yara among the industry leaders with respect to health, environmental and safety performance. Yara believes every accident is preventable. This is the basis for a focused safety program within the company.
labor practices and decent work

In 2012 Yara achieved a TRI rate of 5.0 for employees and contractors combined, up from 4.0 in 2011 and above the target of a TRI at 3.5 or lower. The TRI rate includes fatalities, lost-time injuries, restricted work cases where employees and contractors were allowed to carry out work different from their normal duties, and medical treatment cases. The LTI rate for Yara employees and contractors ended at 2.9, also increasing from 2011 (1.9). The company’s accident rate remains better than the average for European fertilizer producers.

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