Impact report 2013

Society management approach

Management Approach

This year, Yara has reported fully on seven Social points and partially on two points. During 2013 Yara has consistently executed its Creating Impact strategy. Launched internally in mid-2011, it is the company's framework to create business value in the way it responds to the human challenges of food, resources and the environment.     
Goals and Performance

For a full list of our performance, please see the GRI index.


Yara is a commercial company with the purpose of creating value – for shareholders and customers, as well as for society at large. Value is created by executing the company’s strategy for profitable and sustainable growth. Sustainable value creation in a global industry and competitive world market depends on competitive advantages.

The key elements in Yara’s policy on societal relations are described in the company strategy (Financial Report 2013 pages 39 – 42 - PDF 9.3MB), the business Code of Conduct (PDF 457KB), Yara’s Ethics and Compliance program and the Business Partner Code of Conduct (PDF, 281KB).

For more information on stakeholder relations, see  Stakeholder dialogue.

Organizational Responsibility

The Yara Chief Communications and Branding Officer has organizational responsibility for this section.

Stakeholder outreach

Yara continuously engages in proactive dialogues and processes with external stakeholders in pursuit of its vision and mission.

To build knowledge, develop relations, find solutions and invite to cooperation, we engage with key stakeholders. Additionally, we engage in a number of networks and partnerships, and are a member of industry associations and other relevant organizations and initiatives. Our local operations engage in community initiatives. 

For a review of corporate level activities refer to the Impact Review 2013, pages 11 – 20 (PDF, 2.9MB).

Click here to see our Society performance indicator points.

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