Impact report 2013

Economic performance

The 2014 net income after non-controlling interests was NOK 7,625 million, an increase of more than 30% compared to 2013, reflecting lower energy costs in Europe and a stronger US dollar. Earnings per share were NOK 27.59 in 2014, while operating income was NOK 10,305 million, EBITDA was NOK 16,407 million and revenue and other income was NOK 95,343 million in 2014.
economic performance

2014 was a year of growth, adding new revenue streams to Yara from increased production capacity and market presence as well as expert knowledge on environmental technology. Supported by lower gas prices and a stronger US dollar, Yara’s margins increased through the year.

Significant progress was made during 2014 in terms of delivering on Yara’s strategic objectives, including profitable and sustainable growth with the initiation of several new capacity expansions in existing sites, and the completion of two acquisitions in Latin America.

Yara’s after-tax measure for return on capital, CROGI, was 13.3% for 2014, up from 12.6% in 2013 and higher than the target of minimum 10% average over the business cycle.

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