Impact report 2013

Economic management approach


Standard Disclosure: Management Approach

This year, Yara has reported fully on seven Economic points and partially on one. The Ethics and Compliance department worked with the Communications department to determine which questions were most material and liaise with the local business units in order to correctly follow the GRI guidelines.

Goals and Performance

For a full list of our performance, please see our performance on the GRI index.

Policy and Additional contextual information

Responding to global challenges corresponds closely with Yara's core business, with our operations and offerings - and our business strategy. By leveraging our industrial expertise we have innovated new technologies and upgraded our production processes, thereby greatly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions to air. 

By employing our agronomic experience we have developed comprehensive crop nutrition solutions that improve agricultural productivity, thereby increasing production and improving food security while reducing pressure to convert forests and wetlands into farmland - a main source of GHG emis­sions. 

At the same time we have developed solutions that improve resource use efficiency, in particular by reducing the amounts of fertilizers and water needed to sustain productivity and profit­ability. Thus, we contribute towards a more sustainable agriculture, while sustaining profitability for our company and customers.

Yara believes that by offering a positive value proposition to our customers over time, we can deliver attractive returns to our shareholders while at the same time create value for society - creating shared value. 

Through our knowledge, products and solutions Yara is well positioned to address some of the major global challenges of our time, particularly within food, environment and resources, which also represent business opportunities. 

We have called this our Creating Impact strategic ambition, and we aim to grow our business based on these principles. In 2014 Yara further developed its strategy processes to strengthen the organization's ability to capture future business opportunities found in long term scenario analysis.

This information can be found in our latest annual report.

See our Economic performance indicator points for more information.

Organizational Responsibility

The Yara Chief Financial Officer has organizational responsibility for this section.



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