Impact report 2013

Labor practices and decent work

Yara offers career opportunities all over the world. Knowledge grows is our maxim and we want people to grow with us.
labor practices and decent work

Yara is a workplace where people grow. We aim to give all employees the opportunity to achieve their full potential and to offer longer-term prospects for personal and career development. While managers have a critical role in ensuring that all our people can perform to the best of their abilities, our employees are in charge of their own work life and development.

We are responsible for designing and maintaining policies and processes, and providing opportunities that enable and facilitate development. As a result of these initiatives, we aim for a performance culture, where our employees are engaged, which will in turn lead to the attraction of new colleagues.

All Yara employees have the opportunity to take part in the Talent Development and Performance Management processes. Yara offers formal learning opportunities (classroom training and e-Learning) on the YaraLearning platform. Through our membership with CEB, employees also have access to the Managers Excellence Resource Centre, which provides helpful resources to support them in their job as people managers.

Working for Yara makes sense. We believe that social responsibility goes hand-in-hand with commercial opportunities.

We are committed to fostering an inspiring and innovative performance culture, based on our vision and mission, Code of Conduct, Ethics Program, and four core values: ambition, teamwork, trust, accountability.

A strong track record places Yara among the industry leaders with respect to health, environmental and safety performance. Yara believes every accident is preventable. This is the basis for a focused safety program within the company.

Yara recorded positive developments in the safety performance throughout 2014, particularly among contractors, a group that has been more prone to accidents than Yara employees. Yara achieved a Total Recordable Injury (TRI) rate of 3.9 for employees and contractors combined. The trend has continued to decrease since the turning point in 2012. Yara targets a TRI rate below 3.0 – towards the ultimate goal of zero accidents. The TRI rate includes fatalities, lost-time injuries, restricted work cases where employees and contractors were allowed to carry out work different from their normal duties, and medical treatment cases. 

The LTI rate (Lost-Time Injuries per million hours worked) for Yara employees was 1.5 and contractors 3.2 for 2014. The contractor LTI rate raised slightly while the Yara employees’ rate remained on the level of previous year.

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