Impact report 2013

Product responsibility management approach

This year, Yara has reported fully on eight Product Responsibility points and one partially. The Ethics and Compliance Department works with HESQ to re-evaluate which questions are most material and how best to ask questions to local business units in order to correctly follow the GRI Guidelines.

Goals and Performance

For a full list of our performance, please see our performance on the GRI index.


The principles of product stewardship guide all of Yara's activities. Yara is committed to promoting sustainability and safe practices throughout the life cycle of fertilizers. Yara will continuously analyze and improve its practices, processes and products to reduce their risk and impact throughout the product life cycle.

Yara, as the world's leading producer of mineral fertilizers, is a key player in promoting and facilitating sustainable agriculture. Yara has developed extensive agronomic knowledge that it shares with farmers, helping them to boost their yields and to contribute to sustainable agriculture.

All Yara products and services related to the supply of fertilizers and chemicals are regulated by national and internal codes. Yara's production sites are certified to ISO 9001 (Quality Management), ISO 14001 (Environmental Management) and OHSAS 18001 (Health & Safety Management). Yara's operations in Europe are in compliance with the requirements of the Fertilizers Europe Product Stewardship Program. Outside Europe Yara is implementing the IFA Protect & Sustain product stewardship program set forth by the International Fertilizer Industry Association (IFA). List of certified units is maintained on the IFA Protect & Sustain web page.

Organizational Responsibility

Head of HESQ has organizational responsibility for this section.

Training and Awareness

For more information, see PR6.

Monitoring and follow-up

The Fertilizer Product Stewardship programs ensure that proper care is taken along the entire value chain, from product development and sourcing of raw materials, through production, storage and distribution, to sales, delivery and application. Assessment of health, safety, environmental and security impacts of products and services covers all life cycle stages.

All Yara's fertilizers, chemical products and their raw materials are regulated by national or international fertilizer or chemical law. All products in EU/EEA markets are in compliance with the European chemicals regulation REACH and the CLP regulation on classification and labeling of chemicals. A global Yara network is in place for chemical compliance and a formal chemical compliance check is included in the purchasing and sales process.

See our Product Stewardship and REACH sections for more detailed information.

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