Impact reporting 2015

Economic management approach

Our corporate strategy is based on profitable and sustainable growth.

Our corporate strategy is based on profitable and sustainable growth, building on an unrivaled market position and a unique, flexible business model supporting responsible growth. The strategy is the company’s roadmap for industry-shaper performance and long-term value creation. 

We believe that by offering a positive value proposition to our customers over time, we can deliver attractive returns to our shareholders while at the same time creating value for society – creating shared value. 

Yara´s knowledge, products and solutions grow farmers’, distributors’ and industrial customers’ businesses profitably and responsibly, while protecting the earth’s resources, food and environment. 

Our fertilizers, crop nutrition programs and technologies increase yields, improve product quality and reduce the environmental impact of agricultural practices. Our industrial and environmental solutions improve air quality by reducing emissions from industry and transportation, and serve as key ingredients in the production of a wide range of goods. We foster a culture that promotes the safety of our employees, contractors and societies. 

Responding to global challenges corresponds closely with Yara's core business, with our operations and offerings - and our business strategy. By leveraging our industrial expertise we have innovated new technologies and upgraded our production processes, thereby greatly reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) and other emissions to air. 

By employing our agronomic experience we have developed comprehensive crop nutrition solutions that improve agricultural productivity, thereby increasing production and improving food security while reducing pressure to convert forests and wetlands into farmland - a main source of GHG emissions. 

At the same time we have developed solutions that improve resource use efficiency, in particular by reducing the amounts of fertilizers and water needed to sustain productivity and profitability. In this way we contribute towards a more sustainable agriculture, while sustaining profitability for our company and customers. 

Yara is dedicated to grow our business responsibly, adhering to a range of acknowledged, global standards of operations including being committed to the UN Global Compact and its business principles. 

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