Impact reporting 2015

Society management approach

In 2015, Yara deepened its approach to these themes and defined a Sustainable Value Matrix as outlined in indicator G-18, supporting the long term strategy processes, positioning the company to gain value.

In the Society category, Yara reports upon the aspects of Local communities, Anti-corruption, Public policy, Anti-competitive behavior, Compliance, Supplier assessment for impacts on society and Grievance mechanisms for impacts on society. 


Yara is a commercial company with the purpose of creating value - for shareholders and customers, as well as for society at large. Value is created by executing the company's strategy for profitable and sustainable growth. Sustainable value creation in a global industry and competitive world market depends on competitive advantages. 

Yara is dedicated to responsible business conduct. 

The key elements in Yara's policy on societal relations are described in the Board of Directors section of the Financial Report 2015, in the business Code of Conduct, Yara's Ethics and Compliance program and the Business Partner Code of Conduct. An in-depth overview is provided in this web section and the linked web pages: 

Commitment and Policy 

An account of main activities on Yara’s stakeholder dialogue and engagement through 2015 is available in the Global Engagement section of the Impact review 2015, available on this web page:

Latest Annual Report

Monitoring , follow-up and remediation 

Yara has an extensive reporting system in place for anyone (internal or external) that wishes to make a complaint on any topic related to anti-corruption, compliance or other company malpractice. This can be done anonymously if one so chooses. Foremost there is the Ethics Hotline which is available in 60 languages 24 hours a day, seven days a week. There is the Send email which is posted on our external and internal webpages. Additionally there is the option to report issues through line management and most staff functions. 

Specific items 

In addition to the above described overarching policies and operating principles, the following specific point also apply. 

Anti-competitive behavior: management approach 

Yara employees are required to study, observe and comply with the various guidelines laid down in the Competition Compliance Manual. The manual is available for all employees and has been adapted to local law in seven jurisdictions and translated into seven languages. An interactive competition law training video is available for all employees on the YaraLearning portal.

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