Yara - sustainable coffee

How Our Solutions Can Help

Did you know that while appropriate fertilization can boost productivity, over-fertilization can have a negative impact on all three pillars of sustainability: Productivity, profitability and environment?

A balanced coffee nutrition program along with the proper form of nitrogen fertilizers – at the right time and right dosage – can help:

  • Coffee farmers improve productivity and increase yields and profits
  • Enhance the quality of coffee beans, meeting the taste demands of discerning consumers
  • Reduce soil acidity and soil depletion
  • Reduce the carbon footprint of a cup of coffee
  • Improve the efficiency of water use
  • Improve resilience to climate change

As the leading provider of crop nutrition solutions to farmers throughout the world, we are investing in research on coffee to support farmers facing new challenges in the future.

Benefitting from years of knowledge

The need for plant nutrition evolves with age, development and life-cycle. The more we understand the needs of the coffee tree, the better we adjust the application of our crop nutrition, providing value to farmers. It’s all about being as efficient as possible, for the benefit of the farmer.

Over the years, Yara has developed crop nutrition solutions and technologies in Europe to improve farming best practices. We aim to adapt these solutions to meet local market needs worldwide, at the same time safeguarding the environment.

Farmers need help understanding which types of fertilizer to apply, and when. Yara’s global knowledge helps us adapt tools to local conditions, making sure farmers everywhere have the best opportunity to succeed.

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